You will stop being a Liability the moment you start doing this Business As A Stay At Home Mom in Nigeria.

by OLADITI DAYO | 07, August 2021

Being a stay at home mom doesn't mean you can't earn an income from home while caring for your kids and family.

If your husband or partner has started seeing you as a liability, you will notice it from his behaviour towards you.

He might not come out to say it to your face but from reactions when you ask for money you will know.

Sometimes he might delibrately delay your request for money saying there are more pressing needs for money now.

A good way to stop being a liability is to find something you can be doing to earn some income no matter how small if you are not currently unemployed or you are a stay at home mom

Would you do a business while sitting at home as a lady if you have the opportunity to be making upto 750,000 Naira or more monthly from it?

If you answered yes to that, you will love the information I'm about to share with you.

Before I go into details of what this business is all about, let me share this story of Cynthia and her infection with you.

Cynthia like most ladies had this stubborn infection that has refused to go and it's becomming very embarassing.

She has tried taking all sorts of medications but this infection persisted.

One evening while browsing through her timeline on Facebook, she saw a post about an information product i think it's an ebook on how to get a permanent cure for infection.

Since she has been desperately looking for a cure, do you think she will click and check out the post or not? 

You are right!

She actually did clicked and checked out the post.

The post gave her  background on what causes infection and possible reasons why an infection may refuse to go after using different types of drugs.

The post then talked about a new method she can use to effectively cure the infection permanently within 7days and requested she enter her name and email address to into an online form to learn more.

Do you think she will enter name and email address?

Most certainly!

After entering her email address, she started getting other useful information on how to permanently cure her bad infection.

After like 5 emails, they recommended a product for her that costs like 30,000Naira.

They  wrote "click here to buy now and put a permanent stop to your infection. You have a whole 30 days money back guarantee. If the product doesn't work we will give you your money back"

She became so super excited that she has nothing to lose by trying out the product and hoping she had finally found a solution to her infection problem.

She brought out her ATM card and  guess what?

She bought the product!

That's the end of Cynthia story.

Lets go back to the reason why i'm writing this post.

You see, so many people like Cynthia even you, come across different types of adverts on facebook every single day. 

But you have no idea this could be a highly profitable business that can generate Millions.

If a product cost 30,000Naira and the affiliate commission on it is 15,000 Naira that is 50% affiliate commission, the person running that advert that attracted Cynthia in the story would have made a  15,000Naira on a single sale.

If he sells only 2 of that product daily, that will be affiliate commission of 30,000 Naira ( 15,000 x 2) and in 30 days, he would have earned almost 1 Million Naira because there are Billions of people who visit Facebook everyday and Facebook will help him show his ads to them.

I know you have never thought about this before or how lucrative a business like this can be for stay at home moms

Even me, before 2018, I did not believe there is such a business one can do while sitting at home and generate close to a Million Naira in a month until I discovered what Toyin Omotoso was doing.

Every single day, he will login to a website where he can get those digital affiliate products to sell like the one Cynthia just bought, then get his affiliate link to products that have high affiliate commission like 20k per sale and above, create his adverts on facebook, write his emails and watch commissions start coming in.

This is the business the guy has been doing from home using his laptop, internet data subscription and ATM card to pay for adverts and he earns over 750k every single month.

Does this business looks like something hard or complicated?

The answer is No. 

If you are wondering where you will start from, you have never written an email to sell anything before, you have never done a Facebook ad before, you don't even know where to get the affiliate products to sell.

Don't worry!  Toyin Omotosho has agreed to share all his secret he has being using to make close to 1 Million Naira every single month doing a business that involves using automated email marketing to sell affiliate products.

But Who is Toyin Omotoso?

1. He is an highly successful digital marketer and entrepreneur

2. A Nigerian Self made Millionaire

3. Author of several books including where is the money and how to get it, Live breathing cash Machine etc

4. Grand master of email marketing with more than 2000 students

5. He made over 9Million Naira in 12 months selling digital affiliate products through automatic email marketing on a part time basis.

If you search google today, you will discover there are many articles on how to start affiliate marketing business for beginners written by self acclaimed experts in this business.

But i'm writting this post based on what i've learnt from Toyin who has been doing this business and getting great results. The system he teaches is a predictable income business and it's fail proof.

I'm a husband too, i know how people look at a wife who just stay at home and do nothing. Such wife in most cases will be referred to as a Liability.

Even boy friends will refer to a girl friends who has not nothing to offer as a liability.

Do you desire to get your voice back, increase your self worth, increase your self esteem and finally gain your self respect back as a stay at home mom?

Money is Power. If you find a way to earn some money and support people who matters to you, may be your kids, husband, siblings etc

People will begin to value and respect you again.

If that is exactly what you want or let me ask you this

If this business will allow you to start making money while sitting at home, will it make your life better?

If you answered yes, I will advice you check out this over 1 hour video loaded with lot of tips that will open your eyes. The video was put together by Toyin the same man i've being telling you about.

In the video, he expalined that this perfect  business for stay at home moms involves just 3 things.

1. Research and select hot selling Affiliate Product

2. Create a sales funnel that will sell the product through automatic email marketing

3. Get people who will be interested in your affiliate products and will have money to buy through Facebook, then send them to the automatic email marketing and follow up system you created in step 2. 

If you are really determined to start generating income while sitting home, click on the link below to watch the video and get started now.

But if you are thinking whether this business will work for you, the answer to that is IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.

This is because it's a very suitable business for stay at home moms or just anyone who desire to work from home and earn good income.

You don't need to rent a shop

You don't need to talk to anybody

You don't need to import or stock products

You don't need to travel to work

You don't need to face any tough or annoying boss

everything you can do from home and in your own time.

The business is a predictable income business and it's difficult for you not to start generating income from home if you follow all the steps in the training that will be provided to you.

Imagine how you will feel when you finally have a system that can put cash in your bank account every month.

You won't have to deal with insults from your husband or boyfriend each time you ask for money. This will make your marriage and relationship with your partner more enjoyable.

You won't have to ask money from your husband or boy friend to buy the latest designer shoes, dresses, wigs etc

You won't have to ask money from your husband or boy friend to settle your parent bills, your sibling bills.

You will be able to buy cute dresses for your Kids 

You will be able to buy latest jewelleries and mobile phones.

You might even buy a car and start investing in properties in the name of your kids.

If you are desperate enough to start an easy and profitable business while sitting at home, Click on the link below to watch the training video and get started.

If you are thinking yeah, i believe this business is perfect and can help me acheive my dream of starting a business from home that can generate money but what exactly will i be learning to make this happen.

This is what you will be learning, in the simple step by step work through video. 

The training takes you through how to select a product, create a sales funnel and drive traffic to the sales funnel using a sample affiliate product.

In other word, the video show you exactly what you will be doing one step after the other till you finally setup the system and you start making money from home.

See the benefits of the training below.

- You will be able to select hot selling products

- You will be able to research the products

- You will be able to create presell adverts and articles with samples and templates that will be given to you

- You will be able to use automatic email marketing system called autoresponder

- You will be able to create a website, register domain name and get web hosting through the help of tools and softwares that will be given to you

- You will be able to design stunning landing pages and thank you pages by editing the samples and templates that will be given to you

- You will be able to compose powerful trojan emails that get people to open their wallets.

- You will be able to set up a Facebook compliant advert account

- You will be able to run successful adverts on Facebook and Instagram

- You will be able to run Facebook adverts that attracts people who have money to pay

- You will be able to recover your Facebook accounts in case your Ads gets banned

- You will know what to do if Facebook did not reactivate your Facebook advert account

- You will know exactly how to scale up your Facebook ads so that you can make more sales.

If you have taken time to read this post up to here, it means you are highly interested in starting a business from home, this will be the most information you will ever come across on how you can practically start a fail proof business that will generate predictable income for you from home.

Click here to watch the training video and get started.

In case you want to ask some questions on something that is not clear, i'm a DM away from you. Send me a message on WhatsApp 08095047992

I wish you success as you begin to create a fail proof income system that will finally allow you to start earning income from home.



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